Unholy and blasphemous Brutal  Death Metal Entity From                                                                                 Salvador/Ba,Brazil

Following the same influences of the past and with the same proposal and
Ideology of making a Brutal Death Metal with lyrics that address themes
that challenge all faith and its empire of lies, macabre, profane themes and atrocities of the chaos of our day
bringing up questions about our cosmic nature and showing that the story we were told is wrong.

Unsaved is currently recording his upcoming Ep "Submersed In sin" with 4 tracks of Brutal Death Metal, powerful with memorable riffs based on the old Swedish and Florida choice of the years "90".

In 2019 Unsaved released on the main digital platforms their first single entitled "Death Cvlt For the God of Gold in Lyric Video format on Youtube, in which there was a good repercussion and thus there was a need to spread" the plague "to more legions thirsting for "Blast Beat" in the four corners, and then it was released in COLETENA, quarantine collection
with bands from the state of Bahia, and will also be out soon at the Eternal Hatred Rec Record Collection in Europe and Amazon Japan Digital!

After a few weeks, the recording of the EP will be concluded and then the "beginning of the end" will be realized, plaguing the entire globe with hatred and Fury !!!

We Are Ready to Annihilate
the Empire of Lies !!!!
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