29/06/20 Unsaved Released, participated in COLETENA!

Atualizado: 17 de Out de 2020

Unsaved, participated in COLETENA, with the track "Death Cult For The God Of Gold" collection during the quarantine in bands in your city.

Writing COLETENA - Quarantine Metal Sessions # 1

That the "Bahia Metal" scene is strong everyone knows. What some may not know is the quantity and quality of so many bands that produce an "extreme" sound.

The union of Trinca de Selos with Fabrício Pazelli, who curated it, generated this first volume of COLETENA de Metal. 10 Brasilian`s bands making their eardrums vibrate.

1 BEHAVIOR - Ars Goetia 06:32

2. GOD FUNERAL - Necrohitman 03:45

3.INFECTED CELLS - Drowning Inside My Own 04:13

4 .IMPETUS - Merciless Empire 04:41

5 .HERETIC EXECUTION - Necrotic Trinity 04:15

6. PESTIS - Examination at the Womb-door 05:09

7. APHORISM - Em Chamas 01:26

8. UNSAVED - Death Cult For the God of Gold 04:17

9 .UNKILLED - Silent War 04:50

10. MAW - Bleeding'n'Dying 03:40

Isolated, but connected to metallic energy. And others will come ...

Credits Released June 29, 2020



Brechó Discos . Bigbros Records . São Rock Discos

Direção Musical: Fabrico Pazelli

Arte Capa: Davi

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